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Be careful about reading health books. One fine day you'll die of a misprint - Markus Herz (1747-1803) 
Markus Herz (1747-1803) was a German physician and lecturer on philosophy who back in his day wrote ‘Be careful about reading health books. One fine day you will die of a misprint’. Blimey, I wonder what he would be saying in this modern era of information (and misinformation) overload. 
I am absolutely fascinated with health and I read on and around the subject widely. As such I can testify to the fact that it can all become very confusing. 
Today I was asked by a client how much meat I thought they should eat in a week. What a great question. If I was a vegan I would say ‘none’ and back it up with evidence from The China Study a book written by the biochemist and expert in long-term health management T. Colin Campbell. If I was proponent of Paleo eating I’d say ‘lots’ and quote evidence from The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne PhD. But as a homeopath I am always looking at the widest picture. Depending on who we are, - our genes, our lifestyles, our thought patterns, - we can live healthily with or without meat but it is very difficult to thrive without a large percentage of our diets consisting of unprocessed wholefoods and fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether we make the balance up with animal proteins, grains or fats is more a matter of personal choice that takes into account any allergies, sensitivities and intolerances we find we have. To sustain good health or to aid recovery from disease any of these foods should be taken in very moderate amounts and it is useful to think of them as complementary to vegetables rather than the main event. 
Of course, not all health books are about diet and as time goes on I will be adding details of those I think are most worth reading to the Books page in the Resources section of my website. I’ve made a start but there will be plenty more to come over the coming months. 
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