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I have had many attempts at veg boxes over the years. My first trial was back in 2000, it ended badly. 
In those days there was no option to make changes, you simply got what you were given, and my first box consisted of a barrow-load of beetroot and 4 apples (amongst other things of course but I can’t remember what). Had it been the other way around, a barrow-load of apples and 4 beetroot I would have been perfectly happy but at that time the balance for me was a little bit off. When I received another barrow-load of beetroot the next week and the week after I decided enough was enough and went back to shopping locally and buying organic as and when I could. 
Since then I’ve tried a few other schemes with varying success. For those of you local to the Colchester area, Bennison Farm offers a Community Supported Agriculture ‘share’ that is definitely worth checking out. If you have young children then it’s perfect as ‘work days’ on the farm encourage them to get involved and to really find out where their food comes from. The quality is excellent but after a few years in the scheme I found that the hour it took me fighting through traffic in the town centre each week to collect my bag from a central hub was too much of a commitment. There are other hubs however in Brightlingsea, Lawford and Wivenhoe and I have several clients who are very happy members of the scheme. 
More recently I have been taking delivery of an organic fruit and veg box from Abel & Cole. I had a break last summer when my own veg patch was in full production and after that went back to buying organic from the supermarket. It had it’s benefits but the one thing I found more annoying than anything else was the amount of packaging waste I was left with after every shop. Abel & Cole deliver a cardboard box and collect a cardboard box (which you fold up and store flat to leave out for the delivery driver). Any plastic they use for loose leaf salads and punnets for mushrooms are fully recyclable or biodegradable, everything that doesn’t require packaging is just neatly stacked in the box. Their produce is Soil Association certified and at a price comparable to, or cheaper than, the supermarket. They sell other organic groceries and meal boxes which I have on good authority are superb but I haven’t yet ordered them for myself. 
Waking up on Wednesday mornings to find my weekly box on the doorstep is always a joy and what’s more, I never end up with a barrow-load of beetroot. I do get beetroot when I want it but it’s possible these days to make weekly swaps and to put things you don’t like on a ‘never send’ list. After quite a bit of trial and error over the years I have found the right supplier and the best box to meet my requirements. Of course if you have a great local greengrocer then you will want to carry on supporting them but if you don’t you may find that a regular delivery suits you too. 
Abel & Cole is an affiliate link. I receive a commission if you sign up for deliveries from this company. 
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