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The annual International Women's Day was celebrated earlier this week so I thought it would be a good time to tell you a bit about the Shea Butter that I use in Minimise. The emphasis of the range (apart from being about amazing products and great value for money) is on sustainability in as many respects as possible. This means that I source as many ingredients and as much packaging as I can from UK producers and I'm particularly proud of the paper balm jars which are made in the UK from FSC certified card and are home-compostable after use. 
If I could use only UK produced ingredients I would but truly natural skincare relies on vegetable butters and waxes from warmer climes (unless we want to go back to moisturising our skin with lard!). And so, there are butters and waxes and well, butters and waxes, and not all are created equal. Whilst organic is important in the range so too is sustainability and social responsibility. The organic shea butter used in Minimise products is produced by a woman's cooperative in Ghana helping its members to lead fulfilling and independent lives. The ripe nuts from the shea tree are collected by the women after they have fallen to the ground, the green edible peel is then removed and the nuts are sun dried before being roasted and kneaded by hand into soft shea butter which is transported in hand woven baskets. This is artisan production and craft at its best and Minimise is proud to support their enterprise. 
Shea butter is a superb emollient and skin conditioner which moisturises and restores elasticity. It contains a natural SPF not high enough to be used as a sun protection but which does give some defence against the damaging effects of UV light whilst repairing cellular degeneration. It rehydrates sun damaged skin and is protective and healing for dry skin. The phytosterols it contains stimulates the basal layer of the skin to regenerate faster which is said to promote a younger and fresher looking skin. 
So, here's to the wonderful women of Ghana, for their hard work, dedication and entrepreneurship in making such a wonderful skin-enhancing product. We thank you. 
Earlier this year Treehugger published an interesting blog post on shea butter in skincare. 
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