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It has taken a while, (patience apparently is a virtue, so on that front I'm definitely quids in for now) but I've finally got to launch the new MINIMISE skincare range. I can't say that it has been to a big fanfare or anything but it is a relief to quietly send my new baby out into the world. You can even follow us on Instagram @minimiseskincare and I would be mighty grateful if you did. 
Those of you who know me will testify to the fact that natural skincare has been a passion of mine for ...well let's not count the years, and I have been making my own products commercially since 2003. Throughout that whole time these are the things that have been important to me - organic ingredients, locally-produced ingredients (sadly the two don't always go together), products that support the skin and health in general, and reducing the environmental impact of the packaging. 
A couple of years ago I decided that I really had to put my money where my mouth was (and I mean that quite literally) in terms of minimising my use of plastics and of packaging in general and I set out to produce a new range which would tread as lightly on the planet as possible. I created bars of balm that needed no packaging at all at point of sale but they were natural products and could easily become soiled and dirty when sitting naked on the shelf. The oils unless protected could also oxidise easily and this would make their shelf life very short and their benefits to the skin would reduce over time. The bars also had to be hard enough to 'stand alone' so to speak and this created a dragging effect when applied to the skin. I loved the idea of no packaging but the reality created other issues and I decided that option didn't work for me. The natural, organic soaps that I have been making for years buck this trend however, their oils have already saponified during the production process and they can safely be left uncovered without deteriorating but balms are different. I then started researching paper packaging, it's all over the internet, hmmm... interesting. If I was going to use packaging then I wanted it to be biodegradable over a short period of time and not need commercial composting facilities to make this happen. I learned during this process that not all cardboard cosmetic tubes are created equal - those from China are cheap but may contain rainforest wood, those from America are expensive and they stained easily from the oils in the balms, but those produced in the UK although expensive were just right. They ticked all the other boxes I had on my checklist - local, made in England; minimal staining from the natural oils (although a natural patina may develop in time - I like it); hard wearing in use with a lid that stays snug to keep the products fresh, and fully traceable paper with FSC certification.  
So now I had the packaging but then had to buy it in very large quantities and that's where putting my money where my mouth is came in. It has been a big investment together with the cost of formulating and testing new products and getting them assessed and licensed for sale, professional photography to show them off and the labelling and printing costs (DIY is the order of the day here for now at least, but the hand painted watercolour bands have gone down a storm). I don't regret any of it and I am really excited by the products themselves. They are super-minimal in use - a little really does go a very long way; they contain few ingredients all specially selected for their skin benefits; the fragrances are pure essential oils either organic or locally sourced, or both and when the balm does run out the jar can be put in a home compost heap, recycled with paper or put out with general household waste where it will naturally break down. 
Over the next few weeks I'll be introducing the MINIMISE products on this blog and sharing the benefits of their natural ingredients - I hope you'll find it interesting. And here is a little something to get you started - get 25% off one online order over £30 using code 25min at checkout. 
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