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The internet allows us to have healthy-ingredient recipe boxes delivered to our doors that offer value for money, variety and seasonality 
I was really impressed this week by a client who has been dealing with an autoimmune condition for a while now. For unknown reasons (but most likely due to hormonal changes) their system has become too acidic and deposits have built up in their joints giving rise to pain and swelling and the general fatigue that accompanies chronic complaints. A while ago we spoke about them having a break from animal products so we could monitor changes to their symptoms and to the overall progression of the disease. It was a hard call because they have been a meat-lover all their lives and their diet is generally very good. Already they had removed the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, aubergines, courgettes) with a small amount of success and found that Food Combining (not mixing starches and protein at the same meal) offered some relief. How much faster the disease may have progressed without these changes we will never know but the fact of the matter is that we wanted to move things along to the next level. 
As a vegetarian I have no problem making varied, tasty meals every day without much need for a cookbook. I’m not boasting here, it’s just that I’m not that fussy. I’m always on the look out for new ideas but I rarely slavishly follow recipes. I like to make use of what’s in the fridge without too much planning or forethought, which is a bit of a slapdash approach but it works for me. The average family apparently has a repertoire of about 10 meals that make up the major part of their diet so changing from meat eater to vegetarian can be a major challenge. Wanting to at least give it a go though my client had signed up for a Gousto meal box and selected the ‘plant based’ option so that all the ingredients they would need to prepare healthy, tasty and nutritious food would be delivered weekly. I am guessing that after a while they may find the process a bit limiting but by then we will have re-evaluated their case and they will be much more confident in their ability to prepare vegetarian dishes. Time will tell how this approach pans out, but for them it is definitely worth a try. 
Gousto is voted by The Guardian as the number 1 ingredient delivery system and I’m very grateful to my client for bringing it to my attention. Abel & Cole also offer recipe boxes for those who also like the idea but want to go down the organic route. 
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