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Spring Cleaning your home and garden 
Several years ago when visiting a friend I happened to remark that her home seemed different. It was tidy and clean (the same as normal) but somehow there was a freshness about it that really stood out. I couldn’t help but smile when she said that she had bought a book on tidying and had followed the instructions to the letter. I was quite astonished that someone could write a whole book on tidying and de-cluttering. I was intrigued though so I bought the same book and followed the process, and oh my goodness what a difference it made. Clients and friends came into my home and commented (just as I had done), even though everything looked the same on the surface. On that basis I recommended the book to everyone who showed an interest and they all had the same experience. 
So, now that it’s a few years down the line and spring is here I’m in the mood to revisit the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever by Marie Kondo’* and go through the process again - hopefully with the same results. When you’ve stopped laughing you may want to give it a go yourself. 
A good tidy and de-clutter is liberating in itself but once that’s done an actual spring clean can really add sparkle to your home. I’m a very big fan of natural cleaning products, (white vinegar is my go-to ingredient in most situations). Add in some herbs, citrus peel or essential oils and not only is the house clean it feels wonderfully fresh to boot. 
You can search online for natural cleaning tips (of which there are thousands) or narrow your search and buy yourself a copy of Fresh Clean Home by Wendy Graham *. There are so many good environmental and health reasons for reducing the amount of chemicals used in the home and going green with your cleaning is a great place to start. 
Outside in the garden, nature is making its presence felt with spring bulbs, early vegetables and the reemergence of herbaceous perennials. It’s all fresh and exciting and there are absolutely loads of things to be getting on with and one crucial cleaning job that need addressing. If you feed the birds in the winter then make sure you give their feeders a really good clean right now and replace any peanuts (which can be dangerous when fed by adult birds to nestlings) with black sunflower seeds or a peanut-free mix. 
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