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Listen, invite, observe, embrace, breathe, feel, notice, pause, accept .... so many instructions, so much to think about. Could lockdown become a space in which we can 'just be'? 
If you're looking for an inspirational quote then John Ruskin (1819-1900), writer, poet, social thinker and philanthropist (amongst many other things) is always a good place to start. 'Every increased possession loads up with new weariness' is a favourite. 
Several clients this week have come out with something along the lines of 'this may sound awful but... I am feeling calmer since lockdown; the less frenzied pace of life suits me; I feel like I am getting back on top of things; I'm really enjoying these precious times with my family without the usual stresses and strains'. I have heard similar comments from so many people of late that the surprise isn't that they are feeling OK but that they feel they need to apologies for it. Of course they appreciate that they are fortunate, but they all have their own challenges too whether they be health issues, the fact that they are unable to visit and support other vulnerable members of their family, or simply worries over the future. 
So maybe as well as considering possessions as a cause of weariness we should reflect on the pressures that we put on ourselves to do so much and to be so much as these tire us out too. Endless instructions of what we should be doing, so many choices, too much of even the good things. When lockdown comes to an end maybe we will all be happier with a little less of everything and as a consequence feel less weary. 
Yesterday I listened to a client who asked if it was OK to feel better whilst chaos is all around us. Of course that isn't up to me to say but it did make me think that having less and doing less is OK and Yesterday I ... did my best to 'just be'. 
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