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Yesterday I... finished painting the side of my house. One of the hottest days of the year is not necessarily the best time to undertake such a task but it had to be done. My good friend and neighbour is on holiday right now and we made a deal before she went. I get to take possession of the Hotbin Composter she bought at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show last year if I empty it out and move it while the family dog who likes a good snuffle in all things rotting and dirty, is safely out of the equation. Oh, and we also share the future compost bounty, if indeed there is any. A lack of compost has been the problem so far as Hotbin composting requires dedication and commitment (which my friend possesses) but also a fair bit of time, which she doesn't. I said I would be willing to give it a go. 
When I moved in to my bungalow 6 years ago I immediately started working on the very long list of improvements that had to be made as dictated by the survey. Number one was to remove all of the shrubs that had grown up around the property and were completely blocking any light from entering through the windows. Years of neglect and 3 years of lying empty had led to a certain degree of dereliction. Laying waste to the greenery exposed the pebbledash (I know, what was I thinking when I bought it!) in a rather unfetching green/red colour scheme which needed an instant makeover. It was hot in July 2014 and I started the renovations but never finished painting the side of the house least visible from the street. This was my task yesterday as the Hotbin composter was destined for that very spot. Painting pebbledash is hard enough but even worse was the cast iron guttering that the surveyor had noted as 'being in need of replacement... urgently' 6 years ago. Not being able to afford aluminium at the time and with plastic being the only other option I decided as an interim measure to paint and seal it with a bitumous paint. I realise that this wasn't entirely eco-friendly but it was the best temporary solution available and 6 years on it's still holding its own so in terms of 'reduce, reuse and recycle' it has been pretty good. 
I still had the remnants of the original tin of bitumous paint so I decided in my customary, haphazard way to get on with it. What I didn't have was any white spirit for the clean up but 'if I'm careful' I thought.... Two hours later and I'm covered in sticky black paint. It's in my hair and down my arms, why is it that I always seem to forget the law of gravity in relation to painting above head height? The only option I could think of for removal was my pot of cleansing balm and oh my goodness it did the job in no time and with the bonus of not leaving my skin red raw. 
Minimise Carrot & Chamomile Cleansing Balm was formulated to remove everyday dirt and make-up but if you are ever in the unfortunate situation of being covered in bitumous paint you can rest assured that it also makes light work of that. As far as the Hotbin composter goes watch this space, I'll let you know progress in due course. 
MINIMISE Skincare - saving your skin and the planet. 
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Yesterday I… got messy but Minimise Carrot & Chamomile Cleansing Balm saved the day. 
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