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Harvest time plays havoc with the hands. 
Yesterday I... spent the day in my garden and on my allotment and there's not much of a hardship in that. A few weeks ago I could have written 'Yesterday I... watered the garden, then the allotment and then the garden again', it was an endless cycle that I didn't need to bore you with. But now in July I'm reaping the benefits - peas, first early potatoes, beetroot, carrots, lettuce, onions, spring onions, courgettes, garlic, basil, parsley, sage, oregano, Vietnamese coriander, I've probably missed some things out but who cares? Then there's the fruit - blueberries, strawberries and wild strawberries (which have been a revelation on the allotment but not so good from the garden), a few early raspberries that should be productive in autumn and even a few blackberries, also unseasonably early. 
I'm fermenting some of the beetroot and pickling some spring onions to preserve them for later in the year. There is plenty more of both to come and soon I'll have tomatoes, beans and sweetcorn to look forward to as well. 
I don't really have too much pride in these achievements because basically plants like to grow and with a bit of water and some sunshine they will do just that. Vegetable growing on a small scale isn't difficult but it is time and consuming and oh my goodness it can play havoc with the hands. I always start off with good intentions, put on my gloves and vow to keep them on for the day but usually about 5 minutes in they come off so I can prick out some seedlings or tie in an exuberant shoot with some twine and before I know it I can't even remember where I last saw them. 
You may already be thinking 'lucky her with her garden and allotment' and trust me, I think that all the time. I am definitely not complacent when it comes to appreciation of my outdoor space and I endlessly work on maximising it's potential. Both garden and allotment are a happy mix of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers for cutting and in each I grow the botanicals which feature in my MINIMISE skincare products. Sadly I can't use my own botanicals in the products themselves unless I get them all individually certified, so for now I purchase what I need from other organic suppliers, and make do with having the plants around me when I'm working on my plots. 
I can't tell you how happy I am with the new UK-made, biodegradable packaging. Knowing that it can be composted at home, recycled as paper or simply put out in normal rubbish to naturally break down gives me a real sense of satisfaction. The Minimise Gardener's Balm definitely saved my hands from misery last night. It's soothing but not greasy, smells delightfully of lavender and rosemary and helps heal all those little nicks and scrapes that happen in a normal gardening day.  
Yesterday Iā€¦ stocked my larder and soothed my hands. 
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