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This is the first in a series of blog posts highlighting the benefits of some of the natural ingredients used in the Minimise Skincare range. 
B E E S W A X 
It's always exciting creating new skincare products or even reviewing the ones that I have been producing for a considerable period of time. Things move on. New research comes to light. Ingredients becomes easier or harder to source for many reasons both environmental and political. Change happens. 
One of the biggest trends over recent years has been the rise in popularity of a vegan lifestyle and this has impacted the foods and cosmetics industries worldwide. In terms of producing skincare I have always been a maker of balms. Balms as opposed to lotions contain no water and no water in a product means that chemical preservatives such as parabens, to which many people find they have skin reactions, are not required. Without going into all of the ins and outs of production, it is safe to say that for natural vegetable oils to set into a use-able balm some kind of wax is required and that the choices available to small producers have increased massively over a fairly short space of time. 
Historically I have used beeswax in my products, either locally produced or organic (the UK has no organic beeswax production as rules state that bees have to be able to forage over certified organic land for several miles without the possibility of coming into contact with plant materials that may have been chemically sprayed). UK landmass does not allow for this so organic beeswax has to be imported from countries such as Australia or New Zealand. That's not ideal as far as I'm concerned but research into available plant-based waxes gave me even greater dilemmas. There is much controversy surrounding the human and environmental costs in carnauba and candelilla wax production. They are complicated issues and after much research I came out in favour of beeswax as in it's production process humans do practically next to nothing and I felt that this was best aligned to the Minimise philosophy. 
In terms of skin health, beeswax has many benefits which have been proven over thousands of years - it naturally locks in moisture helping to keep the skin firm and plump, and has anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for soothing easily irritated skin. This makes it one of the best skin care ingredients for anyone suffering from rosacea, dermatitis or eczema and the vegetable waxes I researched did not compare as favourably. Those who suffer from allergies to bee pollen or propolis, as well as committed vegans may likely prefer to use products which are beeswax-free and this of course is totally understandable. There are a range of balms out there for everyone...as the saying goes 'you pays your money and you takes your choice'.  
Minimise is about reducing the amount of cosmetics we need to use keep our skin as a supple protective barrier glowing with health, and about promoting packaging which causes the least environmental impact. Beeswax gives a nice slip over the skin which means that a little product goes a very long way. It has a pleasant aroma that doesn't have to be masked by synthetic fragrance oils and which is subtle enough not to adversely affect the natural aromas of essential oils, and products containing beeswax sit very nicely in paper packaging. 
The world needs bees as pollinators to keep our crops and plants healthy and the cycle of life turning. I choose to use beeswax in Minimise products because on balance I believe it is the very best choice for the brand. 
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