Fill the 50 boxes on the chart over 7 consecutive days 

I was introduced to the 50 Foods in a Week concept at a training course in November 2017 and have since recommended the idea to several clients who like me are loving it. The aim is to fill the 50 boxes on the chart with a different food or drink over the course of 7 consecutive days. This encourages us to consume a variety of healthy, colourful foods and drinks and therefore up our nutrient intake naturally. 
Over the course of a week you enter the different foods and drinks you have consumed into the chart, just once and aim to get to 50 (I managed that in 3 days so feel free to beat me if you can - here is my chart). 
So, for example if you have a banana once in the week or every day, it makes no difference you just enter that foodstuff once. 
Someone who has egg on toast for breakfast, ham sandwich for lunch and pizza for supper would record the following: wheat (toast, sandwich and pizza base), egg, ham and the pizza toppings - say mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni, onion. If they had the same thing for 7 days then they would only have recorded 7 items. 
Skittles, colourful as they are, would count only once, as sugar. Cabbage on the other hand could be counted several times - there's green, white and red for starters and Hispi which is kind of a light green and Savoy which is dark green on the outside and lighter in the middle, oh and Spring greens...I could go on. Oh yes, sauerkraut. 
Each different type of type contains different nutrients so you can count each one as a different food but you only count it once even if you have it every day. Rolls, sliced bread, pitta and ciabata can be counted as bread or wheat, so that's one food type only. 
Really you can make up your own rules and just follow the basic principle eg. you may record wine once or you may list 'red wine', 'white wine' and 'sparkling wine' as 3 separate items. Recording Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio etc etc etc as different items however is taking the mickey, but you are only fooling yourself so who cares. It really does make you think about how often you may be eating the same foods and then how you can make simple changes to add variety for your overall health and wellbeing.  
To download the 50 Foods in a Week Chart for your own use click here
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