Combining the power of herbs with the potency of homeopathy 

Homeobotanical remedies are prepared from liquid herbal extracts and then potentised in the classical homeopathic manner. The resulting remedies display healing qualities, which are both interesting and exciting. 
The Hb (Homeobotanical) story began in New Zealand during the 1980s when problems were being experienced with existing commercial herbal preparations. Prescribing capsules for sensitive patients was difficult and quite impossible for infants, the elderly and anyone who could not swallow the large tablets, and the price of these proprietary herbs was so great that they frequently doubled the cost of seeing a natural health practitioner. 
Dr Brian Murray working from his clinics in Auckland headed up a group of naturopaths and herbalists to produce remedies which covered the commonest health needs seen in practice. The blending of these remedies kept the prices low and when they were potentised by the method set by the founder of homeopathy Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the clinical results obtained were very exciting. The basic Hb remedies (of which there are currently 40 available in the UK) can be blended in any combination or proportion to match the health needs of each individual patient after their case history has been taken. 
The system is easy to learn because each remedy is labelled with an initial letter denoting its use: e.g. A for allergies, B for blood and lymph purifier, C for colds and catarrh, L for liver and so on. There are additional special remedies with names indicative of their sphere of action: e.g. Hb Cerebra (brain tonic) for mental alertness and memory and Hb Glandula (endocrine system) to restore the balance of hormones. 
Hb remedies have these distinct actions in the body: A Physical action which includes organ drainage or stimulating the elimination of toxins from specific areas of the body, a Nutritional action which assists in the assimilation of minerals and other micronutrients, and a Synergistic action which reinforces whatever other healing techniques are being employed. The basic blends cover a wide range of conditions treated by natural health practitioners.  
All remedies are mutually compatible and can be mixed in an infinite variety of ways to restore the health of a patient. The homeopathic potentisation enables these remedies to directly stimulate healing within the body. The low potency adopted produces a gentle, sustained response resulting in remarkably few problems even in sensitive people. 
As this therapy has matured and developed, it has assumed a character of its own which is distinctly different from its herbal and homoeopathic roots. It is now known that the Hb remedies are capable of directly stimulating homeostasis and selectively modulating the immune response. 
In clinical practice I may recommend a Hb remedy to be taken along side a homeopathic remedy or as an addition to help cover specific minor symptoms. For example a blend of A (Allergy), Cerebra (Memory) and E (Emotional Stress) could be useful during the exam season for a student that suffers from hay fever. 
In compliance with the various Statutes and Regulations, no specific claims are made for the application or use of Homeobotanical preparations. The blends are Dietary Supplements designed for use as part of a comprehensive care programme. No guarantee, express or implied is made for the clinical or therapeutic application of these preparations. 
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