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Thank you very much for our order and for your speedy dispatch. We love the products and the plastic free packaging. 
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March 2021 
I've always had temperamental skin on my face which is prone to breakouts. I'd tried a variety of different brands and products, but many of them aggravated my skin further and this was having a negative effect on my self-esteem. I was introduced to Fiona's products and I've been using them for a few months now. I use the Purity soap and cleanser daily, these products are so gentle on my skin and have left it feeling calmer and happier. I'm starting to feel a lot more confident being in my own skin, Thank you Fiona! 
NW February 2021 
Your parcel has just arrived. Always have a big smile on my face when your skin care products arrive 😊 
Many thanks 
J&K W 
February 2021 
Loving the cleanser and moisturisers, as you can probably tell. The Gardening one is a Mothers Day pressie for Mum as I started using the one that I bought for a Christmas present and love it! 
JN February 2021 
I just wanted to say thank you so much for sorting out the products for me. My skin is so much better. The balm is amazing and made a difference so quickly. 
Thank you again. 
SL January 2021 
I came to Fiona with a very bad sciatica as I was unable to even walk or sit, in a few appointments she got me completely well, up, running and back to my normal self like always. She is amazing and she definitely knows what she's doing, I can't thank her enough that she gave me appointment straight away for next day when I was in severe pain and did not know what to do. Definitely recommended. 
Thank you so much for all your advice and fixing me :-) 
Oct 2020 
Hi Fiona, feed back from my daughter and son in law. Both thought the balms were great and smell good. Thought you might like to know the face balm and beard balm were a great success. 
LL, August 2020 
Hi Fiona, I have been using your Minimise products for just over a month now so I thought I would update you on how I liked them. I actually really liked the products I found that they really hydrated my skin which is my main goal for my skin. The scents of the products are also really nice. The cleanser left my skin feeling very moisturised as did the moisturiser. AS, August 2020 
Fiona is a font of knowledge on skin care and set me well on the road for improving my skin as I went into my 40's after nearly a decade of battling with adult acne. A super range of products, local and a regular informative, light newsletter. Highly recommend Fiona and her home parties are fab. 
Posted on Google Reviews, July 2020 
I went to Fiona with cystitis/ irritable bladder problem and she was amazing. I had taken antibiotics but the condition kept reoccurring. With no time pressures, I was able to receive the help I so desperately needed. On top of that, Fiona helped me with nutritional advice. Thank you Fiona.  
Feb 2020 
My family have benefitted from Fiona’s temple of knowledge for years. We can’t recommend her highly enough! Thank you Fiona! 
Emily Wood 
Feb 2019 
What a brilliant woman Fiona is. I visited her practice for the first time on Thursday and was very pleased with her thorough in-depth consultation. I have started the prescribed course of treatment for my symptoms plus changes to my diet and look forward to a positive outcome. Thank you Fiona x 
Ann Atkins, April 2019 
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