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When did deciding what to eat become so complicated? Much of the advice we receive these days relating to diet is confusing, causing stress and anxiety and even despair when a so-called miracle diet to address symptoms of poor health fails to deliver the desired results.. Over the years I have helped hundreds of people suffering from diverse conditions such as IBS, eczema, arthritis and gout (to name but a few), reassess their diets and improve their health with simple and seasonal whole foods. The information below could help you get started too. 

Food Combining 

Download food combining information including an introduction, tables showing starch and protein foods and comprehensive lists of acids and alkalines. 

7 Day Refocus 

Change your diet and improve your health in just 7 days. This simple formula based on normal, everyday foods will aid digestion and detoxification naturally. 
What are you waiting for? 

50 Foods in a Week 

I was introduced to the 50 foods in a week concept at a training course in November 2017. Since then I have recommeded it to several clients who like me, are loving it. 


Soya in its many forms is ubiquitous in today's Western diets.  
Find out here why you should avoid it and choose better, healthier alternatives. 
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On this website I aim to provide well-researched information to enable readers to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing. However, this information should not be taken as a substitute for the advice or guidance of your GP or other medical professionals. 
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