Tissue or Cell Salts 

Tissue (or cell salts as they are also known) have been prescribed since their discovery in the late 1800s to naturally correct mineral deficiencies in the body which result in symptoms of sub-par health. The symptoms may be physical, emotional or both. 
They are a safe and inexpensive way of bringing the body back into balance with no side effects or contraindications and they are very simple to self-prescribe when required. 
There are 12 tissue salts which can be taken individually or in combination and homeopaths often prescribe them alongside constitutional treatment to help with both acute and chronic complaints. 


There is a lot of information available on the web regarding tissue salts but if they are of interest to you I strongly recommend you purchase a good book on the subject. My favourite and most referred to is Natural Healing with Cell Salts by Skye Weintraub. Sadly it no longer appears be in print so if you see a copy in a charity shop then snap it up.  
Another good book on the subject (which is currently available on Amazon) is Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature's Twelve Mineral Compounds Paperback by Nigel Lennon and Lionel Rolfe. 
I use tissue salts frequently in my practice to good effect by prescribing on presenting symptoms but I also find it useful to take each one of the salts during their indicated astrological months (see table below) as a maintenance dose. Their indications are multi-faceted and too great to detail here but I have included a brief summary on each salt and details of the complaints that I find them especially useful for in every day practice. 
Personally I work mainly with the 6x potency, although other potencies are available, and I prescribe them as sucrose pills rather than in lactose form. They dissolve readily under the tongue and absorb quickly into the system. Normal caveats apply in that you should always consult a healthcare professional regarding your condition if you are unsure about treatment. 


Adults – 3 x tablets up to three times daily ● Children – 2 x tablets up to three times daily ● Infants – 1 x tablet dissolved in warm water up to three times daily and sipped ● Acute cases of sudden onset can be dosed with 1 x tablet every 1-2 hours ● Acute, severe or painful cases can be dosed with 1 x tablet every 15 minutes 
Frequency of dose should be decreased as symptoms improve. You cannot overdose with tissue salts but taking more than the body can absorb is wasteful and pointless. To view a handy Repertory of Tissue Salts and their indications please click here. 
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