As the saying goes, 'there are many ways to climb a tree' (actually of course that's not really the saying but with deference to cats, the tree analogy is much kinder!) 
The governments of Cuba and India are including homeopathy in their fight against Coronavirus 
'Both India and Cuba are using homeopathy as a preventative for COVID-19. 
Since early April 2020, the Cuban Ministry of Health has been rolling out the combination remedy PrevengHo®Vir as a way to increase resilience to viral diseases and respiratory infections in its population of 11.34 million. 
The head of the Department of Natural and Traditional Medicine when speaking on state television said, “It is not a product that has been specifically registered for the coronavirus but is used in the prevention of viral illnesses and acute respiratory diseases.” 
The treatment is being distributed to the entire population through the primary health system and the ‘family doctor’, a professional assigned to each Cuban neighborhood and who directly cares for an average population of about 600 people. 
In spite of a late start, how is Cuba progressing in its fight against COVID-19? 
Wordometer shows that, like India, it still has a surprisingly low incidence of infections in comparison to other highly developed and affluent countries. As of 20th April, 2020, Cuba reported 91 infections per million of population. In contrast, the US reported 2,309 per million and the UK 1,769 per million. At that time, India still impressed with 13 per million.' 
Of course we all know that there are 'lies, damned lies and statistics' and the true number of Coronavirus cases will never be known. How accurate any of the above figures are is difficult to tell but we should be able to gain some insight from them nonetheless. Whilst most governments and scientists are purely pursuing an allopathic* route to treat and help prevent COVID-19, it is heartening to see that in some countries alternatives are also being considered. Homeopathic treatment is cheap, sustainable and comes with no side effects so whilst other options are being sought the question has to be 'where is the harm in that?'. There are after all many ways to climb a tree... 
* Allopathic medicine, or allopathy, refers to science-based, modern medicine, such as the use of medications or surgery to treat or suppress symptoms or the ill effects of disease. Vaccination is a form of preventative allopathy. 
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